Being a model and cosplayer is something that takes passion, skill - and unfortunately money. Buying new cosplay items and lingerie, travelling to shoots, accommodation - it all costs money. As much as I would love to be able to just make content forever, I can only realistically afford to do it if I'm making something back from it!

We all know social media is also becoming more and more restrictive - with more and more posts being taken down for no good reason! It means I'm really limited in how much of my work I can post there, because most of it definitely isn't Instagram-friendly. 

On Onlyfans I can post ALL of my work - from full Cosplay to fully nude and lewd! It's also a chance for me to make some money back to be able to afford to keep making content and work on new cosplay's and shoots; and a chance for you to support me and help a girl out! 

You get instant access to everything ever posted on there - literally THOUSANDS of photo's including full cosplay's and lewd, nude and rude! I also do custom content on there which you can get directly into your inbox - how awesome is that?!

Don't just take my word for it - here are some reviews and quotes directly from fans! It is the only way to see all my content in its fully Lewd glory - as well as get custom photo's and videos if that's your fancy.

"Nayru's Onlyfans was my first port of call! She was the reason I signed up! Her content is amazing hundreds of photos on here. The set "Can You Feel My Heart" was hot hot got me almost sweating with excitement!"

"Besides the exceptional amount and quality of content that is uploaded on a regular bases you get to see more of the very gorgeous Nayru, which if you are like me you can't get enough of."

"My favorite and most adorable Suicide Girl and the, absolutely, most adorable cosplayer. I'm glad I finally broke down and purchased onlyfans!"

"Nayru's onlyfans page is a wonderful way to see exclusive content from my favorite SuicideGirl. She uploads regularly and I am really happy with the uploads. It's both sexy and fun!"

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